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I like the contrast in color. It is very ordinary and looks beautiful. The texture of the tree as well as the lanterns(?) gives this piece its originality. I cannot find anything about this art piece that I do not like. Great job and I am looking forward to more of your art. I don't have anything else to write but I have to have 100 words so I have to keep typing to send the critique. How did you think of painting or drawing this? How did you do the reflection? I tried to do that once (the reflection type thing) but I messed it up and it look really bad.
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PedroHenrique-2 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
there are tree steps about doing the reflection, first you have to copy the reflected thing to the water, then, if its a physical element (the tree)
you have to erase part of the object so it don't look soo perfect like a mirror, after that I use the smudge tool (the little hand on photoshop)
with a flat brush in a big size to blur the image just a littlle bit, then I use a smaller version to make the nipples, since its a calm sea obviously
it reflects light fom the stars so for the emmitting light objets I made the same prosses a bit faster and less detailed and then added that same flat burshh from before but
only as stamp so it would make the far little white points of the picture, that brush that I talk you can easily make editting the basic round brush on photoshop or you can download here [link] on matt basic brushes.

gosh thats just soo many things! But still, it needs more.

the "lanterns" are an ambiguous object wich I wanted the watcher to imagine, of course, for me those are little houses were the last people of that world would live but it can be anything at all, my feeling for this piece was to be some of the last people on this amazing world but also the sadness of not showing it to anyone else.
Also I think this critique is a bit unfair, if it is great and you cannot see something you don't like, why such a low rate?
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